Author Guidelines

Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proof read and polished. Before submission please make sure that your paper is prepared using the journal paper template . This will ensure fast processing and publication. Acceptance or rejection notification will be sent to all authors.

Type of manuscripts

Journal publishes original research papers, case studies, review articles and technical notes. The journal allows free access to its contents, which is likely to attract more readers and citations to articles published in IJIMAT. The Journal will accept original and innovative submissions in English on the understanding that the work is unpublished and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

  1. 1.Original research
  2. 2.Survey/Review articles, providing a comprehensive review on a scientific topic.
  3. 3.Fast Communications: Short, self-contained articles on ongoing research.
  4. 4.Technical Notes

IJIMAT publishes work that contributes significantly to the scientific knowledge in computer sciences and relevant fields. The manuscripts must be single-spaced typed, written in clear, grammatical English with no typographical errors. Webster’s New International Dictionary or the Oxford English Dictionary should be consulted for spelling. Latin plurals should not be used if the English equivalent has become the accepted form, e.g., formulas not formulae. Use of hyphens, capital letters and numbers written or spelled out (e.g., 8 or eight) should be consistent throughout the manuscript. Words at the end of a line should not be divided.

Submission of manuscript (Paper)

The manuscript should be submitted using the “Online Submission” section in our Web site. Authors should submit their manuscript electronically via the homepage of this journal. After registration, authors will be asked to upload their manuscript and associated artwork. Manuscripts submitted to the journal are accepted on the basis of following criteria:

  1. 1.All manuscripts must be in English and in MS Word format
  2. 2.They have not been and will not be published in whole or in part in any other journal
  3. 3.The e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of all authors must be provided.
  4. 4.Illustrations (figures) of manuscripts should be in computer format.
  5. 5.Authors must state in a covering letter when submitting papers for publication the novelty embodied in their work or in the approach taken in their research.
  6. 6.Manuscripts submitted under multiple authorship are reviewed on the assumption that all listed authors concur with the submission and that a copy of the final manuscript has been approved by all authors
To submit your paper and for any query, please contact the executive editor at

Current Issue

Title : Volume 9

Date of Submission : 31-Mar-2023

Date of Publish : 30-Apr-2023

Date of Issue : 30-Apr-2023

Acknowledgement : 2-3 Weeks


For issue 11 volume 1 quality research papers are invited till 31 march 2023.

UGC approved ISSN No. : 2456-2300

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